Grand Piano Skid Board/ Dolly Combo


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    • This skidboard and dolly combination is a real “back saver” for movers. It reduces stress on the piano legs and/or pedals (lyre) by raising the height at which you lay the piano down. It eliminates the need to lift in order to put a dolly under it, because it is a skid board / dolly combo. For piano or furniture moves with no stairs this is a real workhorse. This is the perfect tool for moves without steps or moves in which the steps can be ramped.

      Chariot is expandable from 5’10″ to 7’8″ (padded area). As with our skid boards you have a 12″ tall head board to give solid, stable handling. The chariot features four 5″x2″ Colson Performa wheels with super duty 4 way locking rigs. If you do a lot of moves without stairs you need a chariot in your stable.

      We have built custom chariots from 4’10″ to 9′ with as many as 8 casters. If you have special or custom needs we will work with you to satisfy that need.

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